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Each player that gets tagged becomes a member of the team that tagged them.


*A time limit will be set to speed up the game.

1.Divide the teams so that the Zombie team is greatly outnumbered by the Living team (ex. 2 vs 12 or 1 vs 9).

2.The zombies' objective is to recruit more zombies by tagging them.

3.When someone is tagged by a zombie, they become a zombie and continue playing.

4.When a zombie is tagged, the zombie is out of the game. The objective of the living is, of course, to eliminate all zombies.

 Last Man Standing

An all vs all assault.


*A deck of cards is typically used to assign the order of entry.

1.The player with the lowest card (ace) will enter the field first. 45 seconds later, the next highest card drawn will enter the field, and so forth.

2.Although "hiding" is not mandatory, each player must be at least 20ft away from any other player before the round begins.

3.The highest card drawn will enter the field last. This person will call "Game On!" upon entering the field to signal the beginning of the round.

4.Upon being shot out, participants should take note of how many people are left on the field to facilitate end-of-game call-out.

last man.jpeg

District 3

Small teams or groups of single players start separated with nothing.  May the odds be ever in your favor.



*This can be played as all-against-all or as multiple very small teams.


  1. Minimum of 10 players for each game.

  2. Each game will last 30 minutes.  Sounds will be played at each 10-minute marker.

  3. Between minute 11 through minute 20.. be on the lookout for trained assassins.   

  4. All players start in a ring, each at least 20 feet from the person on each side. The smaller the gap, the more insane the break. Team members should start opposite each other or with opponents in between them.

  5. Weapons will be located throughout the arena, some with ammunition and air, and some without.

  6. Some weapons may be placed that only contain air, some weapons may only contain ammunition.  The goal is survival. Players may have to piece together weapons in order to survive.  

  7. Optional – We may put some sort of prize in the middle such as a better gun, extra rounds, grenades, or even gift cards/merchandise.

  8. Countdown from 10 with the last 5 seconds silent.  On 0, make the signal to start the game.

  9. Expect the unexpected!

*This game is insane off the break. Many will likely get out even before touching their gun but almost without fail, even the ones that get out off the break will love this game.


NOTE: Games last 30 minutes but there will be an hour between the start of each game.  This will give our staff time to set up for the next game.

Bomb Squad

Defuse the BOMB

In bomb squad, one team (the bad guys) is given bombs to hide throughout the field. The number of bombs will vary based on the size of the group and the size of the playing field.  Once all the bombs are placed, the other (the bomb squad) team enters the field and the match begins.  The objective is for the bomb squad to find all the bombs and return them to their start station.  The bad guys attempt to defend at least one bomb until time runs out.

Team Work

Attack and Defend

For attack and defend, players are divided into two teams. The distribution of the players may not be equal.  Player distribution is typically determined by the difficulty of overtaking the defending team’s position.  The attackers may outnumber the defenders by a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio.  The defending team will start in an area that’s easy to defend, usually a castle or bunker located in one corner of the filed.  The attacking team will start at the opposite end and will attempt to overtake the defenders’ position.  A time limit is typically set for this game of paintball.  The game is one when either team is eliminated or the attaching team overtakes the objective.  The defenders can also win the game by playing until time runs out.

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